Project Description

Supporting the External Advisory Panel for the Transformation of Child, Youth and Family

The Challenge

The External Advisory Panel for the Transformation of Child, Youth and Family wanted to design a customer-centre service delivery and operating model. The current model operated within a system where the needs of vulnerable children, young people and their families were not met.

Our Solution

Within an ambitious programme of work with tight deadlines, the External Advisory Panel required advice to support their decision making about how the new operating model would meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people in the future. To provide this advice we needed to think beyond the constraints of the existing system and embrace the External Advisory Panel’s commitment to a model that would transform the outcomes for vulnerable children and young peoples to live fulfilling lives. Our solution included:

  • Reviewing international literature about best practice approaches of delivery models
  • Undertaking a high level review of the functionality of the current system to design, make or buy, deliver and monitor services
  • Optimising engagement in a tight timeframe by targeting key internal and external stakeholders who were knowledgeable about grassroots community needs, providers’ needs and the limitations of working within the current system. This also included understanding the needs of vulnerable children and young people
  • Developing core principles to align a commissioning approach
  • Testing key concepts and recommendations with stakeholders (e.g. “funding following the customer”, “fully funding services”, “ability for providers to be innovative in service delivery” and “strategically partner”)
  • Assessing how the new commissioning approach would affect the current and future organisation
  • Travelling internationally to meet with best practice commissioning organisations to understand what opportunities existed to adopt a commissioning approach in the New Zealand environment.
The Outcome

We recommended to the External Advisory Panel a fully functioning commissioning approach. Our rationale was grounded in our solutions in which we recognised a new operating model would optimise vulnerable children’s and young people’s access to the right services when and where they are needed.

The commissioning approach we recommended was selected because it could deliver the intelligence, market building, adaptive and purposeful processes to identify and secure services that meet the needs of customers and deliver optimal outcomes.

Our recommendations were included in the Expert Panel Final Report: Investing in New Zealand’s Children and their Families, December 2015 for the new operating model.